Covid-19 vaccination progress and predictions

Want to enjoy summer holidays? Get vaccinated!!!

While more and more Americans are getting Covid-19 vaccines, life is getting back to normal. Major American cities are back with congestion and traffic, while airports are getting crowded again. With the new political leadership in Washington putting vaccination of all US citizens as a top priority, national holidays and people with no protective masks are more visible in the streets of our country.

With this rapid pace of post-pandemic opening, healthcare professionals and experts are also discussing their concerns, many of whom say, that the real test will be in two weeks after labor-day weekend, which became the biggest mass public gathering since Covid-19 pandemic began. In April, when the vaccine became available for public, we observed significant drop of Covid-19 cases with less than 20.000 new cases a day. If this number goes up in the next 2 weeks, this means that the pandemic is still here.

Currently over 50% of US population has received at least one dose of Covid-19 vaccine. In a dozen states 70% of Americans have been fully vaccinated. However, there are pockets of the country where the population is lagging behind and does not show much interest in getting Covid-19 vaccine. CDC experts are concerned about the counties and the stated where the spread of the virus can continue, often in a very rapid pace.

Interestingly, there are US states, where the political leaderships are finding creative ways to encourage vaccination of their people. An example is West Virginia, which has under 2 million people, or 0.5% of America’s overall population. WV’s governor announced a lottery with a prize as big as $1 million, or a collage tuition for undergraduate students.

One thing is clear, Americans, like the rest of the world population are tired of masks and extra precautions. Most people want to go back to their normal lives, social and cultural activities. There is no better way of helping ourselves in this post pandemic recovery period than to get vaccinated as soon as possible. Summer is ahead of us and if we want to enjoy it with our loved ones, we should not hesitate and get Covid-19 vaccine, saving ourselves and those around us.