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Covid-19 vaccine here, reason why you should take it too

COVID-19 vaccination, why it is a good idea to get it!

As more and more people are getting COVID-19 vaccines, streets and work spaces in America are starting to get back to normal. According to CDC around 50% of all Americans have been vaccinated with at least one dose of COVID-19 vaccine, while over 130 million, or 39% are fully vaccinated. Johns Hopkins University study shows that the vaccination process has lowered the number of our compatriots with COVID-19 cases by 5%. For more data on COVID-19 you please visit

This number will drop further if more people are fully vaccinated, however there are several things that we need to bear in mind. First, even after you received your second dose of COVID-19 vaccine, you will need at least two weeks before the vaccine is considered to be fully in force. The Center for Disease Control (CDC) is still learning how exactly vaccines will affect COVID-19 spread, thus even fully vaccinated people should continue taking precautions in crowded areas and closed facilities, wear masks and maintain 6 feet distance from others. Keeping personal hygiene by often washing hands is yet another important measure against the disease. To learn more about how to protect yourself and others please see here

Since the beginning of COVID-19 pandemic in 2020 our health institutions have been involved in complex research of this disease. It is still unknown how exactly COVID-19 can affect you. There are cases when a person does not even know about having the disease, as there are no symptoms. This, however, does not mean that the person will not spread the virus around him or herself. Thus, if not vaccinated, even with minor symptoms, it is a good idea to get COVID-19 test and if the results come back as positive, self-isolation and continued communication with your doctor through telemedicine is of great importance. Here is additional information about what AllCare offer for telemedicine

There is also evidence that getting COVID-19 may create protection after you recover. With what is known as natural immunity, cases of known reinfection are few, however this may increase with time. One thing should be clear – the risk of COVID-19 causing severe illness and death is much bigger than natural immunity can offer. Our advice, like most specialists and doctors in the field is very clear – get vaccinated and strengthen your immune system with antibodies. This will protect you and your loved ones from getting the infection, while not harming other people’s health is an important part of our collective social responsibility.

World experts and great professionals at National Institute of Health (NIH) and CDC have done tremendous job on researching this disease. After over a year of lab research, 3 vaccines were authorized by FDA for emergency use: Moderna, Pfizer-BioNTech and Johnson & Johnson Janssen. While our health institutions are closely monitoring the effects that the vaccination can have on a person since April 2021, we have no vaccine related life-threatening adverse effects, so it is time to make the decision and get the free vaccine which we have made as easy as possible for you.

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