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Medical Practice Success Consulting

How We Help Practices Succeed?

Search Engine Optimized Website

We can deliver ready-made as well as custom medical practice websites.

Our content and structure is fine-tuned for primary care specialties.

Our websites not only look good, they are also functional!

Pay-Per-Click Marketing Campaign Optimization

We can analyze your spending and advise you on how to get more bang for the buck.

Sometimes you do not benefit from PPC and our analysis might show just that.

Online Appointments Fully Integrated With Your EHR

We specialize in API integration of practice with websites and labs and other third parties.

Seamless TeleMedicine Solution Integrated With Your EHR

Had to turn your practice upside down just to turn on telemedicine? We can help provide a super simple integrated solution where your old workflows can be preserves.

Digital Check-In (100% Paperless) At Your Office

Ipads or even welcome texts to your patients to register and give all info your need from their phones

Paperless Patients Surveys and Reputation Management

Every manager needs a customer experience focused data to be able to make informed decisions.

Our solutions make gathering the data easy.

Smart Patient Outreach Integrated With Your EHR

Need to communicate practice changing developments to all patients at once?

We understand the challenge. We have done it before. We can help you too.

Billing & Coding Audits and Revenue Automation

Sometimes coding for all the little things to do is more difficult than doing them.

And keeping track of weather you got paid for everything is even harder!

We have solutions that will both open your eyes on hidden problems as well as empower you tackle them on any scale.

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