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Digital Practice

Our API based software corrects staff mistakes and delivers and explains tests results to patients. All while working silently in the background.

Practice Performance Consulting

Friendly website, digital check-in, online marketing and reputation, auto patient outreach and billing/coding audit all in one turn-key consulting package. Read more

Digital Practice Transformation

Whether you are still on paper charts or have burned thru couple of EHRs - digital transformation is difficult. Across different industries digitization success rate is measured at 30% for each trial. Vast numbers of doctors that take less than one year for practice transition planning and use no help end up simply retiring.

We offer full suite of practice modernization solutions. These solutions automate previously daunting tasks and help your patients get their care and communication faster, easier and safer.

Practice Performance Consulting

For medical practices interested in replicating our success in healthcare information technology and practice management AllCare offers its Jedi weapons for EHR adoption, practice web presence, online integration, web marketing and social media strategy.

We can also do billing / coding optimization for select specialty groups. Follow the link to read more...

Join Us With Your Practice

Clinical Integration

Joining our physician-lead organisation will relieve practice management headaches without taking away your physician practice autonomy and integrity. 

Practice Digitization

We can help assure continuity of care while modernizing your practice

Mergers & Affiliation

The business of caring for Americans' health is growing increasingly complex, with low margins and high liability. Independent doctors are failing and joining the large corporate hospital systems at an alarming rate. We understand that doctors' practice autonomy is sacred, and we leave it intact while taking practice management burden away. We empower physicians with proven technology and management strategy freeing up doctors to do just doctoring.

Clinical Integration

AllCare helps achieve the imperative of clinical information sharing for physicians and patients.

For Community: We work inside IPA to tac´╗┐kle the healthcare quality on population levels.

For Doctors: We provide full integration solution for community practices by getting everyone on same EHR, Web presence Suite and MSO.

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