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Immigration Physical Examination

Immigration related physical examination requirements are established by US citizenship and immigration services (USCIS). These are health related requirements for immigrants while applying for different immigration statuses. Medical clearance maybe needed with regards to infectious diseases existing/identified outside of the United States.

More than 1 million immigrants obtain legal permanent resident status in the US yearly. Those who come with proper paperwork receive their medical examination in their home countries. However, over 6 million people enter America as non-immigrant visitors. Even if 10% of these people choose to stay and change their status it gets to half a million people yearly, who will be required to go through a medical examination by civil surgeons.

Immigration Doctor (USCIS Civil Surgeon)

Civil surgeons with specific certificate are there to help you receive your immigration physical examination. Whether it’s for your permanent residency (Green Card), naturalization (US citizenship), or different other types of visas, USCIS certified civil surgeons are there to help immigrants receive their required medical examinations.

Filling immigration forms can often be a pain, especially if you are a newcomer. The US Immigration physical examination, reviewing health and vaccination records performed by certified civil surgeons are unavoidable parts of US immigration system. As a country with a long history of immigration, the United States has high standards for the collective health security of its citizens, thus our future citizens must meet certain standards.

Cost and Insurance Coverage

While immigration exams, required vaccinations are not covered by insurance, newcomers to America still need to provide USCIS with their vaccination records. Various types of your immigration status changes will make it unavoidable for you to provide with vaccination records from Tuberculosis to Polio, MMR and Varicella and only after you receive your medical clearance from an immigration doctor/civil surgeon, will you be able to receive your US legal identity.

Welcome to America, allow us to help get your medical examinations papers right!