Book Covid-19 vaccine at select locations now

Rapid Covid-19 Testing in Metro DC, Northern Virginia, Maryland, Atlanta GA

Available to everyone:

STEP 1: Telemedicine

During the virtual care doctor can advise you if you are eligible for rapid test

STEP 2: Drive-Thru Test

team will meet you @ the drive-thru site to perform rapid covid-19 test!


We require a virtual consultation with an AllCare doctor, after which you can drive-up for testing in select locations (see below).


STEP1: Book a Virtual Care (Telemedicine) with any AllCare Doctor in your state. Discuss Quarantine & test options


STEP2: Drive-thru for testing at selected locations. ID is required. We will do the swabbing. Results take ~15minutes 



SARS-COV-2 PCR - IDNOW by Abbott is a test based on finding evidence of the virus using Polymerase Chain Reaction (PCR) technology.

This technology allows for the detection of even minute amounts of the virus is more thought to be accurate than Rapid Antigen detection. 

It is estimated by different groups that due to sample collection limitations up to 30% of the cases will still be missed (false negative).

SARS-COV-2 AG - Sofia2 by Quidel is a test based on finding the evidence of virus using Antigen binding (rapid antigen/immunology).

This technology is less reliable and requires a relatively larger quantity of virus, thus can only be used on symptomatic individuals.

It is estimated that this test may produce both false-positives and false-negative (miss the illness) results.

**Rapid tests are not accepted by airlines for pre-travel screening**


Rapid covid19 tests are considered inferior to sent-out PCR tests in accuracy, especially false negative rate.

To get better yield we send all rapid-negative out to the outside lab for confirmatory testing.


Results are back anywhere between 5-25 minutes depending on the manufacturer.

Most people wait in the parking lot to receive their results.

We will report your results via text and email as well.

Confirmatory testing results will be available in 24-72hours.


All insurers (except TriCare active duty) are covering the cost of covid19 related care (copay/deductible may apply).

Active duty TriCare is expected to get their testing done at military facilities.

Cost-share waiver means you should not be responsible for copays or deductibles. Please confirm with your insurance.

For uninsured individuals HRSA offers NO-COST covid19 telemedicine & testing as long as the patient:

a) Certifies that he/she is NOT covered by ANY insurance,

b) And can provide a government issued ID prior to the visit.


COVID-19 Rapid Test In Alexandria VA

Address: 6020 Richmond Hwy, Alexandria, VA, 22303
Rapid Test Hours: MON-FRI: 8AM-1PM, 2PM-6PM, SAT: 9AM-2PM

Drive-thru rapid testing at Alexandria site can be done after your video visit (virtual care) with AllCare doctor in Virginia.
After your video visit, we will meet you at the back parking lot of our building.

COVID-19 Rapid Test Tysons Corner, VA

Address: REAR PARKING LOT, 1953 Gallows Rd, Vienna, VA, 22181
Rapid Test Hours: MON-FRI: 9AM-2PM, 3PM-7PM, SAT: 9AM-2PM

Drive-thru Rapid Testing at Tysons Corner, VA site can be schedule after video-visit (virtual care) with AllCare provider in Virginia.
We will meet you at the REAR parking lot @ 1952 Gallows Rd, Vienna, VA, 22182 (access from George Washington rd). 

COVID-19 Test Location Ellicott City, MD

Address: 9396 Baltimore National Pike, Ellicott City, MD
Rapid Test Hours: MON-FRI: 9AM-6PM, SAT: 10AM-2PM

Drive-thru Rapid Ellicott City Maryland site can be schedule after video-visit (virtual care) with AllCare provider in Maryland.
We will meet you in the parking lot at the back of the clinic building.

COVID-19 Rapid Test Atlanta, GA

Address: 3867 Roswell Rd NE, Atlanta, GA, 30342
Rapid Test Hours: MON-FRI: 10:30AM - 4PM, SAT-SUN: 11AM - 1PM

After your virtual care visit (telemedicine) with GA doctors you can drive up for rapid test.
We will meet you at the REAR parking lot of the building.

COVID-19 Rapid Test Bethesda, MD

Address: 4424 Montgomery Ave, Bethesda, MD, 20814
Rapid Test Hours: MON-FRI: 9AM - 7PM, SAT: 9AM - 2PM

Drive-thru Rapid Testing @ Downtown Bethesda Maryland is booked during your video visit (telemedicine).

COVID-19 Rapid Test Washington, DC

Address: 1710 Rhode Island Ave NW, Washinton, DC
Rapid Test Hours: MON-FRI: 10AM - 7PM , SAT: 10AM - 2PM

Rapid tests are ordered via telemedicine or may be requested before checking-in the clinic for sick-visit.
Our COVID-19 van is FRONT of the building.

COVID-19 Rapid Test Lorton, VA

Address: 7740 Gunston Plaza Rd, Lorton, VA, 22079
Rapid Test Hours: MON-FRI: 4PM - 7PM, SAT: 12PM - 2PM

Drive-thru Rapid Testing at Lorton, VA site can be schedule after video-visit (virtual care) with AllCare provider in Virginia.
We will meet you at the REAR parking lot behind the building.


Virtual Care & COVID-19 Testing