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Coronavirus Testing at Work

Reopening Business

Antibody Testing

Team members that have antibodies no longer need continuous surveillance.

On-Site Swabbing

Reopening safely means controlling spread more effectively

Why COVID-19 Test Reopening Businesses?

Since most cases of coronavirus infections go asymptomatic or with very mild symptoms, people still show up to workplace unsuspecting that they are spreading the virus.

Particularly susceptible are the businesses where client interaction occurs in-person: grocery stores, convenience marts, drive-thru restaurants etc... Less stringent testing and prevention could benefits large offices where team members work in close proximity to each other for prolonged periods of time.

How Can Businesses Control COVID-19 at Work?

Initial reopening testing of the entire staff for both presence of the coronavirus itself and the COVID-19 antibodies will establish an important baseline prevalence information.

Isolating the initial virus positive employees will prevent the spread but also allow employers to study their cases and learn important patterns. Subsequently, armed with this information the rest of the crew may be screened continuously in a more time-efficient and cost-effective manner. One such option, for example, a daily symptoms checker questionnaire administered via text followed by testing of just the high-risk respondents.

Cost of Employee Testing To Reopening Business

Cost of the workforce COVID-19 testing would be ideally be covered by employer. This would grant exemption from HIPAA rules so that results of testing may be shared with the employer´╗┐.

Smaller businesses may elect to send individual employees for testing as regular patients. In this case doctor-patient relationship will be established and results of testing may be shared with employer ONLY after employee explicitly consents/request protected information to be released.

AllCare's Workplace COVID-19 Solutions:

Initial Workforce COVID-19 Prevalence Testing

AllCare crew will come on-site to the plant and swab everyone.

Results will be reported back within 24-72hrs to individual employees, their employer's representatives. 

Just the positives will also be reported to local Health Departments (it is the law).

Continuous COVID-19 Monitoring

Subsequent testing groups of under 10 employees can visit our drive-thru testing locations.

Periodic on-site COVID-19 testing can be arranged for 10+ employees.

Every workplace is unique and needs a customized COVID-19 risk mitigation strategy.

Return To Work Evaluations

AllCare can also help determine when employees are safe to return to the workplace.

AllCare Drive-Thru Workforce COVID-19 Testing Centers

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