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Imaging Diagnostics
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Alisa Miller, DO
Internal Medicine
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Complex Disease Management
Denise Wallis, MD
Family Medicine
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Aparna Raikar, MD
Internal Medicine
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General Primary Care
Preventive Care
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Katherine Stachowicz, DO
Family Medicine
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Preventative medicine
Primary care
Chronic kidney disease
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Gandharv Telhan, DO
Family Medicine
Covid19 Care
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Sports Medicine
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Alisa Rakhmatullova, MD
Internal Medicine
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Preventive Medicine
Wellness physicals
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Fahmi Fahmi, MD
Internal Medicine / Pediatrics
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Modern Primary Care in Alexandria Virginia

What Does Primary Care Do?

AllCare is multi-location primary care group that provides comprehensive medical care to patients of all ages. Our Patients come here to receive care for acute illnesses and injuries, as well as preventive exams, STD testing, chronic disease management and weight management advice.

3-in-1 Primary Care And Urgent Care And Virtual Care

AllCare Alexandria is a sister clinic serving the Alexandria, VA area 7 days per week and evenings. This kind of access to high-quality primary care eliminates the need for in-area urgent care for our patients. Online appointments for both in-office and virtual care are available and walk-in are always welcome.

Still Not Better? We Follow Up Because We Care

Emphasizing continuity of care, we have integrated virtual care into our daily practice. Making a same day telemedicine visit (virtual care) is super easy, no logins and no passwords needed.


I have visited Allcare at least five times in the past calendar year. Each visit was a good experience. At one particular visit the doctor suggested an elevated test that might shed light on an ongoing infection. The doctor called me four times to give me my results and to let me know that she had sent a new prescription to the pharmacy that would finally end this reoccurring issue. She was persistent and I appreciate that.
Kristine Sinclair
I don’t leave in this area and was feeling Ill, my son told son told me this place had good ratings, everyone from the receptionist to the doctor was extremely kind and friendly and knowledgeable.
Lisa Woliner
Great service and consideration with patients.
Madeline Garcia
I have found my new Dr. forever. I don't care if my insurance ever changes, I'll pay out of pocket if need be! I spent over a year searching for a new PCP since I moved to Virginia for my job. Dr. Stachowicz is kind, empathetic, listened to each and every single one of my concerns, came up with a treatment plan and asked me if I was ok with that plan.. WHAT?! Who is this precious gem of a human, and how did I get so lucky that she is now my Dr.? I felt seen, I felt heard. I am usually SO nervous anytime I have to see a Dr, and this visit started out no different. But her warm and kind personality put me at ease, and by the end of the visit I felt like I was talking to a friend. I feel bad because at first I was rambling on and on, and barely let her get a word in edgewise (I'm used to Dr's rushing me so I was trying to make sure I got it all in as quickly as I could). You can tell she genuinely cares about her patients (either that or she is a REALLLLLLLY good actor, lol) A lot of medical professionals lack compassion. Not this one! Also, when I asked her if there were any supplements she could reccomend for my trouble sleeping, she didn't try to push pharmaceuticals at me which I very much appreciated! Pharmaceuticals absolutely have their time and place, but I try to only use them when absolutely necessary. So, to sum it all up, if you need a new PCP, look no further. If you already have a great PCP, but need to see someone in between visits, I can't reccomend her highly enough! AllCare itself is a highly convenient set-up. They offer urgent care, primary care, offer online scheduling even for new patients, and they have a patient portal. It's really easy to browse through provider from their page and see who might be a good fit for you. Then you can look up their reviews on Zoc Doc or Google. Based on reviews I chose one who's physical location is a bit far from me, but since she does video visits it's not a big deal. Just make sure you choose a provider who is licensed to practice in the state you live in. They have multiple locations all around the DMV (and Georgia, lol). These locations double as urgent care and primary care.
R.C. S.
Dr. Telhan was amazing! He really took the time to explain to me my diagnosis and treatment plan and pleasantly answered all questions I had. I also really appreciated the fact that he welcomed feedback on the things he shared with me. Often times medical terms are hard to pronounce and don't make sense to the average person, so his eagerness to educate meshed well with my inquisitive nature. In regards to the office and location, my entire visit from check-in to checkout was super quick. And my wait time in the lobby wasn't long at all but if yours happens to be, don't worry because the chairs are very comfortable (probably the best out of any doctors/urgent care office i've been too) and they have outlets attached. Free parking is also available at this location, and depending on the nature of your visit if you need to pick anything up afterward there are nearby stores. 10/10 recommend to anyone looking for a primary care and/or urgent care location.
Julia Simms
Very efficient, professional, and caring. Extremely easy online scheduling
Cynthia K
I saw Dr. Gandharv Telhan for back and side pains from a fall I had experienced. My grandson went with me for the examination and consultation, and we both agreed that Dr. Telhan was sincerely concerned about my discomfort, very competent in his diagnosis, and reassuringly insistent that I not continue my travels and return home soon to see my primary care doctor. He sent me for X-rays to a Fairfax facility, where I was told the results would be sent to Dr. Telhan when they are available. I was vacationing at a hotel in Old Town Alexandria and took Uber to travel to the Urgent Care and the Radiology Center. By the time I returned to the hotel, I had already missed two phone calls to inform me of the X-ray results. I called back Urgent Care, where the person who answered had all the details of my visit and X-ray results, and he emailed me the results so that I could share with my primary care doctor. Not only was I extremely pleased with the care I received, but was also very surprised at the low costs I paid (that my Kaiser membership did not cover). I wholeheartedly recommend this Urgent Care!
June Yamashita
Excellent, fast service. Clean facility. I would not hesitate to return for future care.
Rachel Cleverley
I had a phenomenal experience at AllCare. The staff was very welcoming and friendly. Dr. Miller was fantastic and very thorough. She was also very personable and compassionate. Being a new patient, you don’t know what to expect, but I’m glad I took the chance on a new Dr. I highly recommend going here!
Bradford Lieberman
I moved to the DC area before the pandemic and have been meaning to get a primary care doctor for a while. I really love both of the doctors I have seen here and am so glad it is so easy to book appointments as well as have doctors I trust.
Kelsey Boone