COVID-19 Test Services & Vaccination

At AllCare, we offer COVID-19 testing and treatment experts to ensure good health throughout the year. We offer precise testing and personalized COVID-19 treatment plans, always prioritizing your well-being throughout your COVID-19 infection.


Our Approach to COVID-19 Test & Vaccination

COVID-19 is a unique respiratory condition that demands specialized attention and care. At AllCare, we understand the significance of addressing your specific needs and concerns, while considering all available treatments for COVID-19, ensuring proper management of symptoms and complications. Our dedicated team of primary and urgent care providers is committed to guiding you through the COVID-19 testing and treatment process with precision and compassion. 

We provide a comprehensive approach to COVID-19, offering PCR Tests and Antigen Tests (Rapid COVID Tests) which result conveniently and efficiently. On-demand COVID-19 testing services are available without the need for an appointment. Whether you are looking for COVID-19 testing near you or a consultation with a healthcare provider, AllCare simplifies your healthcare experience by offering all these services during a single visit.

COVID-19 Tests & Treatments Offered

Rapid COVID Testing (Antigen)
Antiviral Medications Treatment for COVID
Oxygen Saturation

Who Can Benefit from COVID-19 Testing Appointments?

Individuals of all ages and backgrounds can benefit from scheduling on-demand COVID testing appointments. Our COVID testing services cater to a wide range of individuals, addressing the unique needs and concerns associated with COVID-19. Here are some examples of individuals who can benefit from our COVID-19 testing services:

  • Those experiencing fever, cough, shortness of breath, or loss of taste/smell.
  • Individuals who have been in close contact with someone diagnosed with COVID-19.
  • Travelers for both domestic and international trips.
  • Professionals in high-risk occupations, such as healthcare workers or essential workers.
  • Educational institutions often require COVID testing for students and staff.
  • Vulnerable populations such as older adults and people with chronic health conditions.
  • Individuals who opt for routine COVID-19 screenings as part of their healthcare regimen.
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How Do I Get Tested for COVID-19 at AllCare?

  1. Come In For Your Appointment: Contact AllCare to schedule your COVID-19 test appointment or simply walk in.
  2. Get Tested at AllCare: Follow our arrival instructions, wear a mask, and maintain physical distancing during your visit. You will get COVID tested safely and quickly.
  3. Receive Your Results & Guidance: You’ll receive your test results within the specified timeframe, depending on the test method used. We’ll notify you of the results and provide guidance based on the outcome.

Frequently Asked Questions About COVID-19

01 How long does COVID vaccine immunity last?

The duration of COVID vaccine immunity can vary among individuals and vaccine types. However, current evidence suggests that COVID-19 vaccines provide robust protection for at least six months to a year. Booster shots are recommended to extend immunity, especially for new variants.

02 Can urgent cares test for COVID-19?

Yes, many urgent care facilities offer COVID-19 testing services. They typically provide both PCR and rapid antigen tests, making it convenient for individuals to get tested promptly. At AllCare’s clinics, our primary and urgent care providers will guide you through the testing process properly without an appointment needed.

03 When do you need a COVID test?

You may need a COVID-19 test in various situations, including when you experience symptoms, have been exposed to someone with COVID-19, are planning travel, or as part of workplace or school requirements. Regular testing is also advisable in high-risk settings or professions.

04 Is the COVID test covered by insurance?

COVID-19 testing is often covered by health insurance plans, including private, Medicaid, and Medicare. The coverage specifics can vary, so it’s advisable to check with your insurance provider to understand the details. At AllCare, we work with most of the major insurance plans.

05 How long does COVID testing take?

The time it takes to receive COVID test results can vary depending on the type of test and testing location. Some rapid antigen tests provide results within 15-30 minutes, while PCR tests may take a day or more for results.

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