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3867 Roswell Rd NE, Atlanta, GA, 30342
Call: (678) 904-5611 Fax: (678) 904-5612
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SAT: 9AM - 4PM
SUN: 10AM - 3PM

Happy Doctors, Healthy Patients

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Melvin Williams, MD
Family Medicine
Covid19 Care
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Brian Krachman, DO
Internal Medicine
Preventive Medicine
Health & Wellness
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Lindsay Young, DNP
Family Medicine
Covid19 Care
Primary Care
Urgent Care
Women's Health And Wellness
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Ramin Sadeghi, DO
Family Medicine
English, Farsi
MSK manipulation
Office dermatology
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Sylvia Akenji, MD
Family Medicine
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Joanne So, DO
Family Medicine
Women's health
Preventative medicine
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Christabel Nyange, MD
Internal Medicine
Covid19 Care
Preventive medicine
Primary care
Chronic diseases
Cardiovascular health

Modern Primary Care in Buckhead, Atlanta

The Purpose Of Primary Care

Primary Care Physician (PCP) is the patient best advocate in the healthcare system longitudinally over the course of health or disease. In addition to this Primary Care Doctors also provide preventive care services such as annual wellness physicals, vaccinations, cervical cancer screening (PAP smear), colon cancer screening (Cologuard), STD testing, depression and anxiety screening and many more...

Primary Care Open 7 Days Plus Online

AllCare Family Medicine and Urgent Care of Atlanta is best equipped to provide walk-in care 7 days per week plus evenings. Our expertise is in treating acute illness and urgent non-life threatening conditions such us: cough, sore throat, sinusitis, urinary tract infections, gastritis and stomach pain, sexually transmitted disease, headaches, rashes and benign skin lesions, sprains and minor fractures, minor cuts and anything else that comes our way.

Follow Up Right Here With Primary Care Doctor

To us, the main difference between Primary Care and Urgent Care is physician's mindset focused on continuity of care. This means owning the patient's problem and ensuring that desirable health outcome is achieved over time. Monitoring patients journey over time is the definition of quality in modern primary care. We useTelemedicine (video visits)to provide convenience and immediacy of doctor - patient interaction.

Join Happy Doctors, Healthy Patients

Going to doctor's does not have to be a disruptive errand of an unpredictable duration and mental discomfort. With AllCare you can get it done in lunch break or even from comfort of your home. If you are new to Buckhead area or you are looking to switch up to modern primary care, AllCare Family Medicine is here to serve you.


Allcare has proven to be a wonderful find for me and my family. I am an early childhood teacher and woke up with a viral eye infection. I was able to get a 5:30 AM telemedicine appointment and have the drops in my hand three hours later. I could not be happier with our regular doctor, who we have established with at our local office and I’m so grateful to the Physicians and medical professionals at Allcare.
Betty Monroe
I walked in without an appointment and was seen right away. The doctors and nurses were extremely friendly and answered every question I had. Seeing how sick I was, they treated me right away plus sending a script to a pharmacy. I was feeling better within a few hours after being sick for days straight. Thank you so much !
Maria M
Front desk wasn’t as pleasant but the nurse tech and the wonderful Dr L Young gave me more confidence in my visit. Those two were very attentive even in their quickness!
Amy Lewis Pittman
Jeffrey Clevenger
Wonderful and caring treatment. I felt that I chose the right place!!
Barbara Diamant
It was a quick visit. The doctor was kind and everyone that I interacted with was kind except the receptionist. I’m gonna just go with she’s not a morning person?
Whitney Williams
Isabella Isa
Short wait; friendly, professional staff; accurate diagnosis.
Boyd Combs
Amazing Doctor and staff. Everyone was very kind and informative. Also, it was really fast. Definitely recommend.
Lexy Smith
My trusted go to place for my family. Dr Krauchman is my normal Dr however I went to Dr Young yesterday who is also friendly and to the point. She followed up very quickly and was definitely someone I’d see again
Brittney Williams