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amanda bliss pa-c physician assistant registered dietitian
Physician Assistant
Registered Dietitian
Clinical Interests:
Family medicine
Medical Nutrition
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mary mitchell do family medicine
Family Medicine
Clinical Interests
Women's Health,
Weight Loss
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maria ibrahim md internal medicine
Internal Medicine, Geriatrics
English, Espanol, Russian
General primary care
Obesity Medicine
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connie lee pa-c urgent care ellicott city
Physician Assistant
English, Korean
Women’s health, obesity,
anxiety and depression
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Internal Medicine
Clinical Interests:
Primary Care,
Diabetes, Obesity,
Women’s Health
Columbia Clinic Services
  • Primary care
  • Urgent Care
  • Telemedicine
  • Wellness Physicals
  • Pre-Operative Evaluation
  • Women's health
  • Behavioral Health
  • STD Testing
  • Nutrition counseling

Primary care

Primary Care Anytime, Anywhere
In-Clinic and Online

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Urgent Care

Walk-in to Get Well Sooner...
also available Virtually

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Your Favorite Doctor Is Now Online

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Wellness Physicals

Never Miss Your Annual Preventive Checkup Again

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Pre-Operative Evaluation

Saving Patients Time & Unnecessary Preop Tests

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Women's health

PAP Smears, HPV Testing, Contraception, Sexual Health And More...

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Behavioral Health

Individual & Couples Psychotherapy,
Counseling for Stress, Depression, Anxiety...
Also available via virtual care

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STD Testing

Quick, Easy, Unstressful.
Testing & Treatment Available

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Nutrition counseling

Food For Thought, Food As Medicine
Perfect For Consultation Online

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Modern Primary Care in Columbia Maryland

Primary Care Restart

AllCare is a tech-emabled primary care group rooted in Howard county and spread across multiple states. We care for people of all ages, we speak multiple languages and we understand different cultures. AllCare providers are primary care trained medical professionals, and more importantly they love their calling! We love forming long term doctor-patient relationships based on trust. This is what core primary care is all about.

3-in-1 Primary Care & Urgent Care & Virtual Care

Every urgent care is trying to educate you on subtle differences between urgent care vs. primary care and make you decide where you need to go depending on what is going on with your health... AllCare aims to erase this redundant complication and invites all patients in-office or via telemedicine for everything and anything they may need: episodic urgent care, preventive exam, chronic disease management, STD testing, behavioral health and old fashion good medical advice 7 days per week and evenings. Online appointments are effortless and Walk-ins are always welcome!

Quality Care is in Follow Ups

So you saw a doctor for 5 minutes and you are still not feeling better? Or maybe you have questions? Now what? AllCare recognizes that Primary Care is never a one 5 minute episode in the office. Most of the work happens in the mind of the of the doctor between the visits. It is what we call continuity of care and owning patient's problems until they are resolved or well managed. We will call, text and email with your personalized follow up plan and we will use Telemedicine (virtual care) to talk to you about test results or plan of care

Make Primary Care Caring Again!

To schedule an in-office or virtual care consultation with one of the providers in our Columbia, Maryland office please make an easy appointment online today.

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The wait time is minimal and everyone is always very professional. The nursing staff and doctors are well educated and informed. I would definitely recommend this facility to anyone and everyone!

Rebecca Spare -DHS- Contractor

Comments after 3 visits.Positives:I really like the doctor I've chosen (Dr. Margaret Wang). Strong credentials, great attitude and extremely comfortable manner. That is a sharp contrast to my prior PCP and similar to my favorite past PCP who moved from the area many years ago.Both nurses I worked with were awesome. I find it hard to believe they are rude to people based on my experiences. Blood draw was well executed and the second one put up with my snarkiness with grace. Office staff was great. it was a young man the first time who I was tempted to offer a sales job and a young woman today was also fine. No problems with insurance to date.Location is convenient and clean if a little spartan. That said, I am not going for a spa day so spartan surroundings are fine.Despite some of the other comments they are not nearly as nakedly profit seeking as my last doctors office. Quite the opposite they've not charged for anything beyond the co-pay required by my insurance and have in no way encouraged unnecessary office visits.Negatives:Not great at meeting appointment times. I understand that is how it works in most medical offices nowadays especially with a doctor as personable as Doctor Wang. It has not been overly onerous so far.The chairs are not great. That might seem a small complaint but when sitting for an hour+- it is a factor. I mostly just stand except when speaking with the doctor.I am recommending them to friends and family, and my daughter and BF are switching to Dr. Wang. I can't speak for the other doctors but I am very happy with Dr. Wang and the practice in general. They don't look nearly as nice and shiny as my last PCP, but they shine where it counts competency and attitude.


Very professional, clean and doctor was great!

Christina Kindbom

I use to love coming to this place but they left me with a sour taste in my mouth . Was seen last week to get treatment though a televisit and actually liked the care I received. Fast forward a few days later the provider acted like I’m a complete burden because I called to get one document even after emailing her and waited days for a document that wasn’t fully filled . Even the receptionist was very nasty to me over the phone asking me “what else do you want??? in a nasty condescending tone. I still haven’t received the document that she claimed she sent a second time through the portal. I’ll never imagine I’ll be treated like this in a million years, from a health care provider. I’ll be looking for another primary care physician.UPDATE FROM 1 star to 5 starsI’ve change my ratings because I’m very happy with Amanda Bliss PA . I was lucky to have her one day when I went to get checked out . She’s professional, competent and very knowledgeable and I trust her with my life . She’s a PA but in my opinion as good as or even better than any other MD that I’ve seen in my life . She has changed my views on this place.

Ke Ja

The staff was friendly, efficient and took all precautions fof my safety and theirs!

Steve Singer



Virtual Care & COVID-19 Testing