AllCare Family Medicine & Urgent Care - Fairfax, VA - Merrifield, VA

8301 Arlington Blvd #100, Fairfax, VA, 22031
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SAT: 9AM - 1PM

Happy Doctors, Healthy Patients

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Sama Atallah, MD
Internal Medicine
English, Arabic
Preventive Medicine
Women’s Health
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Hassan Honainy, MD
Internal Medicine, Nephrology
English, Arabic
Obesity Medicine
Kidney Disease
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Raafat Shabti, MD
Internal Medicine
English, Arabic

Modern Primary Care in Fairfax, Virginia

Primary Care Paradigm Shift

At the core of the AllCare philosophy is "Happy Doctors - Healthy Patients". Our brand promise implies that your doctor will have the best work environment for outpatient primary care. Physician job satisfaction will in turn translate into compassionate care. AllCare will further make sure that your doctor does not think money or performance scorecards when trying to decide what is best for your health. AllCare will do everything not to rush the doctor-patient interaction or confine our doctors to time slots. On the contrary, we all develop new software technologies to reduce the paperwork and honest mistakes. And so far we managed not to charge annual membership fee.

Primary Care Maximized

AllCare physicians do not have to follow strict medical protocols, instead they are free to practice medicine as art, emphasize their natural areas of interests, limited only by the scope of their training. Our providers typically are trained and board certified in any one of the primary car specialties and are comfortable providing preventive care, health checkups, women's health examination, hypertension, diabetes, obesity, std care, certain areas of mental health care and much more. More and more of these encounters are being performed via virtual care and telemedicine. We offer in-house psychotherapy by Licensed Clinical Social Workers.

Primary Care Everywhere

AllCare provides walk-in urgent care and virtual care by the same local doctors, during the same hours 7 days a week and evenings. Nature and nurture, our doctors are primary care trained which means they will want to see you again for continuity of care. And you can follow up in clinic or make an appointment for virtual care over the video again.

Join Happy Doctors, Healthy Patients

If you live in Fairfax, VA or Merrifield, VA or commuting via Arlington Blvd (rt 50) then AllCare is right by your side! Update your primary care now by booking online or walking-in to a AllCare Family Medicine & Urgent Care location today!


This is an impressive, well managed, professional medical delivery organization. Highly recommend them.
paul gill
Very caring and professional!
Mahmoud Elbaddaly
The best care and attention to details. Thanks to Dr. Honeine and all the staff. Thanks to Dr. Honeine for reaching out to me Saturday morning to check on me. Thanks to Dr. Shabti answering my phone calls on Friday night and reaching out to Dr. Honeine and back to me to make sure I got appointment on Saturday morning. 5 stars.
Mohamad Khachab
Dr. Shabti is friendly and knowledgeable. I take comfort in having him as a resource. I just hope I won't need him in the near future.
Jerry Gomez
Review for the Fairfax Convenient Care now run/managed by AllCare. I’ve been a patient of Dr. Raafat “Ray” Shabti since 2016. I had to pick a new PCP due to insurance at a new job and the insurance portal had him as one of the highest rated doctors in the area. I’ve since moved and AllCare is the new management but I’ve remained a patient because of how much I like Dr. Ray. He says the AllCare management has been an improvement for him as well so if it makes the doctor happy, it makes me happy!
Brandon Kyker
Dr. Raafat Al-Shabti and his team are the best and most wonderful medical centers that I have visited in my life, and I feel very comfortable and reassured every time I visit (All Care Family Medicine & Urgent Care)
Abo mahmoud Almashhadani
Very professional staff... Had a very good experience with the nurse, PA, and Dr. They take the time to listen to you, and provide needed care.
Rawan Alsabe
Dr. Shabti is amazing and always takes time to listen and provide excellent options.
Stacy Nolasco
I was happy they were able to be flexible with scheduling a video call with a doctor after my Covid exposure.
John Woodall
Dr. Miller is kind, thorough, and knowledgeable. She always takes the time to answer any questions I have and makes me feel at ease.
Ericka Leonard