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Ezra Morgan, MD
Family Medicine
Covid19 Care
English, Spanish
General Primary Care
Urgent Care For Children
Chronic Diseases
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Surender Edla, MD
Family Medicine
Covid19 Care
Primary Care
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Holly Harris, MD
Family Medicine
Covid19 Care
Primary care
Women’s health
Preventive Care
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Kathleen Mccray, MD
Family Medicine
Covid19 Care
English, French
Women's Health
Travel Medicine

Your Primary Care at Seven Corners, Seven Days a week and online!

AllCare Family Medicine and Urgent Care at Seven Corners is there for you Seven Days a Week until late in the evening. Our highly qualified doctors will take care of you with any non-life-threatening illnesses. bronchitis, pneumonia, sore throats, sinusitis, urinary infections, reflux disease, stomach pain, migraine or tensions type headaches, skin rashes and minor lacerations, sprains and muscle/tendon inflammations, even sexually transmitted disease and more. You may think "wait a second, isn't that what urgent care do?" Yes! That is exactly why our patients will not need to go to urgent care or ER locally.

Modern Primary Care and beyond!

As our nation is recovering from Covid-19 pandemic, Primary Care demand is rebounding to record high importance for most Americans. Primary Care Physician (PCP) is your advocate and your guide in America’s complicated healthcare system. From annual preventive physical exams to individual consultations on general wellness and wellbeing, we all want to be aware of our state of health as early as possible. AllCare is seeking to deliver improved primary care by

  • providing same day and walk-in appointments to quality primary care doctors,
  • freeing doctors' from paperwork so they can spend time interacting face-to-face with you,
  • freeing doctor's mind from financial and quality scorecards so they can focus on compassion and medicine instead.

Primary Care, Urgent Care, All Care!

When you are using Urgent Cares as your primary doctor just because of convenience it may very well work against you in the long term. This may result in an interruption of your overall medical picture, as you lose a physician with a mind focused on continuity of your care. For example, you can get a quick Rx for UTI from different urgent cares over and over, yet none of them may have a chance to connect the dots and ask why is this happening/what can be done to prevent the problem in the long run?

Now keeping in touch with your primary care physician is ever easier thanks to Telemedicine (video visits).

Join Happy doctors, Healthy Patients!

AllCare is here in case you realize you need primary care now or you have just moved to the area. With AllCare you can get quick in person and virtual access to highly trained doctors who are not overworked, physicians who are looking forward to get to their office and take good care of your health, whether you just signed up with us, or are a newcomer to AllCare.

We are Happy when you are Healthy, so book online or call for an appointment with our new Seven Corners Location!