Book Covid-19 vaccine at select locations now

Self-Pay (Uninsured) Fee Schedule

$125 Office Visit Fee

Includes basic tests and injections

$206 Annual Physical, Basic Labs

$206 Preventive GYN Pelvic Exam

Includes PAP Smear

$304 Annual Physical, Extended Labs


$206 STD Exam, Basic Tests, Medications

$206 STD Exam, Basic Tests, Medications

$304 STD Exam, Extended Tests, Medications

$206 Preoperative Clearance (Includes EKG and labs)

$304 Preoperative Clearance + Covid-19 PCR (swab)

$206 Visit requiring any one X-ray

$206 Limited Laceration Repair

$206 Wart treatment

$206 Abscess Drainage (I&D)

$125 School / Sport Physicals

$125 TB Screening Package with CXR

$50 Age Appropriate Flu Shot

$50 Non-DOT Urine Drug Test

*Please note that fee-schedule for insured patients is determined by insurance contract

**No-Cost COVID-19 related care is for patients not covered by ANY insurance + US gov't issued ID


Virtual Care & COVID-19 Testing