Preventive Care

Annual checkups

Stay in charge of your health by early disease screening & detection.

Cancer Screening

Early Decetion of Breast, Cervix & Colon Cancers are Lifesaving Procedures
Easily and Conveniently Done @ Primary Care Provider's!


Female Cancers

Encouraging women to take care of their health with screening mammograms and PAP smears

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Annual checkups

One visit can get your checked for high cholesterol, diabetes, blood, kidney, liver and thyroid disorder, cervical and colon cancer and more...

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Behavioral health

Depression and anxiety

With disappearing access to mental health specialists Americans are turning to primary care for their behavioral needs.


Virtual Care

We utilize video visits whenever possible to spare our patients the drive

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Men's Health

Men's Health

Medical management of ED, low testosterone, premature ejaculation just a conversation away

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Primary Care is the connecting link between all the healthcare delivery systems. Primary Care Physicians mission is to be patient's advocate in healthcare system, to coordinate care in order to produce less errors and less waste, thus providing best results for the patient.

Primary Care providers are typically trained and board certified in Internal Medicine or Family Medicine or Pediatrics and sometime even combination of specialities


Primary Care Provider (PCP), has vast knowledge in different specialty areas, and can prevent wrong diagnosis errors by correctly choosing the specialist patient needs. For example, some symptoms like dizziness can be caused by different diseases that are parts of different specialties. Your primary care doctor will gather more history to be able to decide if you need a neurologist or ENT or endocrinologist etc...

PCPs prevent wasted consults by treating certain conditions with the simplest most appropriate and cost effective methods. For example, patients frequently self-refer to urology for Erectile Dysfunction and undergo several uncomfortable and costly diagnostic procedures only to find out everything is fine. Primary Care doctor could have predicted this for the patient and spared the patient from unnecessary exercise.


Cost of care in the US is 4 x higher (and still rising at an unsustainable rate) than the rest of the developed countries with outcomes that are often worse. The failure of primary care is most commonly quoted reason for such inefficiency. Compared to other developed countries, there is an inverse Primary Care / Specialist Ratio in USA (30%/70%).

PCPs make up only 6% of the total healthcare cost in the USA, and have a mandate to influence the rest of 94%. The biggest pieces of the pie are the pharmaceutical, the specialist and hospital costs. PCP in USA account for 6% of the cost yet provide 46% of the all physician visits - essentially accounting for the vast majority of doctor-patient interaction. PCPs are not trained to do surgeries or diagnostic procedures, hence inherently are not prone to overusing them. Patient Interaction is all we do!

US Private insurer’s data is showing that the total cost of care for patients that belong to independent PCP is almost half of that of patient enrolled with hospital-system controlled PCPs. Yet Independent PCP-s are vanishing in USA, study by Physicians Advocacy Institute showed 63% rise in hospital employed physicians between 2012 and 2016. More than half were hospital employed by 2016.

This is why our nations NEEDS a very well trained, well paid, well protected, well slept and not overworked Primary Care Providers to achieve quality care at sustainable cost.


We spend more time with patients and see less patients per hour. We do this 7 days per week plus evenings.

We only hire best trained doctors we can, doctors that feel comfortable managing disease without or with minimal specialist support, most importantly we hire doctors that have caring personality.

We have absolutely removed the financial performance based pay for our doctors. This is important because our doctors' medical decision will never be motivated/influenced by money.

AllCare makes full use of cutting edge technology to help doctors be doctors, and not secretaries.


Virtual Care & COVID-19 Testing