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Yousef Talavari, MD
Family Medicine
Covid19 Care
English, Farsi
Primary Care
Mood Disorders
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Mfoniso Umoren, MD
Internal Medicine
English, Yoruba
Liver disease
Underserved populations
Global health
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Sona Aloyan, MD
Internal Medicine
English, Armenian, Norwegian, Russian
Sleep Medicine
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Victor Zakaryan, PA
Physician Assistant
Covid19 Care
English, Russian, Armenian
Internal Medicine
Obesity Medicine
Men's Health
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Stefanie Sels, PA
Physician Assistant
Covid19 Care
Preventative Medicine
Women’s Health
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Ahmad Mines, FNP
Family Nurse Practitioner
Covid19 Care
English, French
Family Medicine
Disease prevention
Chronic Disease Management

Primary Care in Dupont Circle, Washington, DC

Primary Care as we know it

AllCare family medicine practice has made its goal to return good primary care to everyone. Our family doctors don’t have performance pay as a part of their pay equation. We don’t aim to see as many patients as day as possible instead we prolong the time of each visit for a more thorough exam. Employing the newest technology we help our family doctors minimize time spent on paperwork and let them provide profound primary care for more patients via telemedicine.

Trying to decide if primary care is what you need

While thinking about a family doctor might have you imagining a dapper primary care provider doing house calls with a bag that you might have seen on TV the modern reality is quite different. Allcare team of family medicine professionals is able to provide a wide range of treatment. Preventative primary care includes, cardiovascular disease screening, timely vaccinations, annual check-ups, STD testing. Men and women can get gender specific tests and treatments at our office. Telemedicine allows our patients to get a lot of family medicine consultations wherever they feel more comfortable at. You can have you prescription refill visit, dermatology exam, family doctor advice or a metal health support via virtual care.

Primary Care, Immediate Care or a virtual care appointment

Sometimes you experience a healthcare condition that you know does not require an ER visit, but you still want to have it taken care asap? Should you head out to the urgent care? Will the long waiting room experience be worth it? Well, with AllCare primary care you no longer have to burden yourself with this decision. Any non life-threatening condition can be taken care of at our family medicine practice either in the office that is open 7 days a week working early mornings and late hours or a via a virtual care appointment.

Make Primary Care an experience

Our philosophy is rooted in our brand promise of Happy Doctors, Healthy Patients. Company does its best to create a great work environment and job satisfaction which will drive doctors ability to provide attentive & compassionate care. We hope that you will feel the vibe too!