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764 Memorial Dr SE, Ste 106, Atlanta, GA, 30316
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Happy Doctors, Healthy Patients

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Kristina Fain, DO
Family Medicine
Covid19 Care
Women's Health
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Jeffrey Lamp, MD
Family Medicine
Covid19 Care
Mental Health
Urgent Care
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Melvin Williams, MD
Family Medicine
Covid19 Care

Tech-Enabled Primary Care in Reynoldstown, GA

Modern Primary Care

Primary Care Physician (PCP) is meant to be the doctor that you trust and knows you best. PCP then naturally becomes your advocate and navigator in the complex healthcare system. Your family doctor (PCP) is also the one tasked with maintenance of your heath by providing preventive care aka wellness exams annually. Most developed countries have twice as may PCPs are specialists (70/30 ratio) and USA is the only notable exception because we have reverse situation here. Younger Americans are increasingly detached from the idea of primary care physician due to problems with inconvenient access, long waits and shortage of time spent face-to-face. AllCare's is here to give US primary care much needed makeover.

Primary Care Anytime = Urgent Care

AllCare in Reynoldstown, GA provides access to same day quality primary care service and walk-in sick clinic. Our family doctors are residency trained and board certified in Family Medicine & Internal Medicine, comfortable taking care of wide range of problems: respiratory infections, head colds, urinary problems, digestive illness, headaches, skin rashes, minor injuries and musculoskeletal overuse disorders, even sexually transmitted disease and anything else that comes our way. So you do not need to use urgent care as your primary care doctor anymore.

Primary Care Anywhere

We go where you are. In addition to being available in-clinic, we also serve you at our respiratory drive thru where we can do covid, strep, flu, throat culture services in covid safe fashion. Then also, same trusted family doctors you are used to seeing locally are available online providing virtual care visits via Telemedicine.

Join Happy Doctors, Healthy Patients

AllCare's secret sauce is doing everything to enable our doctors to fulfill their calling: providing best and compassionate care of patients. Book an appointments with our new Reynoldstown GA team today and experience the difference!


Beautiful facility. In and out as a walk in. Kind and professional staff.
Marci A.
Really great, quick and empathetic care. I came here after getting less than decent treatment at another clinic, and was treated very very well <3
Lauren Walton
The staff were very friendly and welcoming. Dr. Fain has such a down to earth personality and I did not feel uncomfortable at all during my visit.
Vienglakhone Nhotsombath
Wonderful staff, very professional. Clean facility.
Bella Donna
Dr. Fain was great. Knowledgeable of current research on women's health, listened well and friendly. Great mix of clinical competence and warmth! Front desk service also on point!
Fonta High
This was my first time being in a doctor’s office since things got bad with Delta & Omicron. I was there for a general checkup and was excited to see that the office was exceptionally clean and anybody present was masked and socially distanced for precaution. The receptionist was so kind and professional. My nurse was also kind and took time to ask the right questions and document my answers ahead of my meeting with the doctor. Dr. Kristina Fain had great energy; she was calm and confident, listened carefully, and patiently shared knowledge with me as I asked a LOT of questions. I would definitely return here for a follow up appointment.
Rita Brent
Very positive experience. Little wait time.
Diane Jackson-Chapman
Fast and convenient to were I live
Jade Hubbard
The staff provided prompt and kind service. Best urgent care experience I have had.
Japaris Key
Really nice staff and doctors in a lovely, clean facility.
Muriah Newland