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Telemedicine vs. Telehealth 101

Telemedicine also referred to commonly as virtual care or "online doctor", is the interaction between doctor and patient from separate locations via simultaneous audio-video communication.

The term Tele-Health is reserved for asynchronous (non-simultaneous) and ornon-videointeraction between the doctor and the patient.

AllCare heavily utilizes both as part of our expanding online care. We urge our patients that are hesitant to come in, to try starting their consult online!

Telemedicine (Virtual Care) Scope of Care

Before the 2020 pandemic, telemedicine (a.k.a virtual care or video visits) was mostly used for minor health issues such as routine Rx refills for low risk drugs / contraception and anything that was not worth the discomfort of the in-person visit.

As more doctors heavily rely on video, innovative methods and skills are emerging to do better exam and measurement of vital functions over the web.

AllCare is expanding virtual care access to all services previously offered in-person such as chronic disease management, dermatological consults, behavioral health, pediatric sick visits and much more... 

Regardless of the question may be, consultation with your AllCare doctor can now start online!

Pandemic Telemedicine Enhanced by Drive-Thru

Its a known fact majority of all cold and flu-like illness, even during the pandemic, is unrelated to coronavirus SARS-COV-2.

All patients presenting with most likely non-covid related symptoms are either scared to seek treatment or are denied care due to fear of spread. 

AllCare refuses to compromise on care of common illness (flu, strep, pneumonia etc...) due to these pandemic restrictions.

And so we started our enhanced drive-thru 2.0 where we perform throat cultures, test for strep & rapid flu in addition to Covid-19!

Behavioral Health via Telemedicine

At times of crisis we are observing increased levels of anxiety, panic attacks and adjustment stress. 

Virtual care is a perfect solution for counseling, psychotherapy and other mental health visits.

Click here to learn more about AllCare's virtual behavioral health solutions.

Virtually every medical concern

can be first evaluated Virtually.