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Video visits!

When you are sick but you cannot come in (COVID19).

Combined Telemedicine & Drive-Thru

To Fight the Lack of Regular Care!


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What is TeleMedicine vs. TeleHealth?

Telemedicine also referred to as virtual care or video visits, is the interaction between doctor and patient from separate locations via simultaneous audio-video communication.

The term Tele-Health is reserved for asynchronous (non-simultaneous) and or non-video interaction between the doctor and the patient.

These days, as more doctors heavily rely on video, innovative methods and skillsets are emerging to make up for the lack of physical exam and measurements of different vital functions.

What is Telemedicine (Virtual Care) Good For?

Before the pandemic, telemedicine (a.k.a virual care or video visits) was mostly used for minor health issues such as routine Rx refills for ED drugs / contraception and anything that was not worth the discomfort of the in-person visit.

These days, as more doctors heavily rely on video, innovative methods and skills are emerging to make up for the missing physical exam and measurements of different vital functions.

For the Flu Seaons 2020 AllCare is planning expanded virtual care access to all services previously offer in-person such as chronic disease management, dermatological consults, behavioral health, pediatric sick visits and much more...

AllCare's Telemedicine 2.0

Combined Telemedicine & Drive-Thru COVID-19

to fill the gaps of denied regular care!

TeleMedicine for COVID-19 !

Its a known fact majority of all cold and flu-like illness, even during the pandemic, is unrelated to novel coronavirus SARS-COV-2.

Patients, especially the very group that is vulnerable to Covid-19, are scared to seek treatment or are denied care due to lockdown. 

We can not measure how many suffer and even die from common illness (flu, strep, pneumonia, heart attack etc...) because they don't seek or receive care.

So how do we avoid leaving millions and millions of Americans untreated?

AllCare Combines Telemedicine & Drive-Thru To Fight the Lack of Care!

AllCare Drive-Thru 2.0

Expanded Drive-Thru Testing

Services Include COVID-19, Throat culture, Rapid flu & More

Behavioral Health via Telemedicine

At the time of crisis we are observing increased levels of anxiety, panic attacks and adjustment stress. And virtual visits seem to be perfect solution for uncompromising practice of psychotherapists and other mental health professionals.

Click here to learn more about AllCare's Counseling arm that utilizes Telemedicine to serve mental health needs of our patients.


Psychotherapy from Home

Video visits are perfect for Behavioral Health

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Virtual Care & COVID-19 Testing