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dr jody cousins md family medicine
Family Medicine
Clinical interests:
Primary Care For All Ages,
Lactation Management,
Women's Health
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lindsay cotten physician assistant
General Practice
Clinical Interests:
Women's Health,
Anxiety and Depression,
Thyroid Disorders
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victor zakaryan pa-c, internal medicine
Internal Medicine
English, Russian, Armenian
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susan piotti pa
Family Medicine
Clinical Interests:
Urgent Care
Caring for all age groups.
  • Primary care
  • Urgent Care
  • Obesity Treatment
  • Women's health
  • STD Testing
  • Pre-Operative Evaluation
  • Wellness Physicals
  • Men's Health

Modern Primary Care

Yes! You Can Have a PCP and Use It Too.

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Urgent Care

Equals Quick, Convenient, Low Quality Care for Simple Issues? Not at AllCare - Our Care Is Uncompromising!

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Medical WeightLoss

Yes You Can! And We Can Help: FDA Approved Rx, Proven Dietary Interventions.

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Women's Health

Please Take Care of Yourself so You Can Keep Taking Care of Your Family.

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STD Testing

Our Nation is Hitting New Records in Sexually Transmitted Disease Number. We Provide Easy, Discreet, Fast Testing Options And If Needed - Treatment Same Day!

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Surgical Clearance

AllCare Follows Guidelines in an Effort to Avoid Unnecessary Preop Tests and Interventions That Delay Clearing Your for Surgery

Annual Exams

Are You One of the Millions of Americans That are Too Busy for their Health? Click on Book Appointment to Fix it.

Men's Health

It Start With Talking...

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Modern Primary Care in Dupont Circle, Washington, DC

State Of The Union: Primary Care

Backbone of the nation's healthcare system is no where close to its glory days. Hospital systems are buying control of doctors for profits. 'Good old' Primary Care is only delivered at annual four digit concierge fee. Solo practices are buried in paperwork and are quitting at record rates. AllCare aims to bring back good caring in healthcare for everyone again. We removed financial performance from doctor pay equation. We resisted the push to see patients at the speed of light. We employed technology to dig doctors out of the piles of paperwork.

What Can Primary Care Physician Do?

At AlLCare, we do preventive care such as annual physicals, STD testing, cardiovascular screening and vaccinations. Women can take advantage of on-site Pap tests, pelvic exams, and contraception services, while men can discuss concerns such as low testosterone, erectile dysfunction (ED), or prostate issues in a comfortable, discreet environment. And you don't have to pay membership (concierge fee) every year!

Primary Care VS. Urgent Care

So "urgent care" is memorized by our nations memory as a place you go for quick and convenient care for any simple medical issue hence you can get by even with low quality of medicine. Well, AllCare Family Medicine and Urgent Care is accepting walk-ins 7 days and evenings. So our patients that live in Dupont Circle or near any of our locations can get better care than going to urgent care or emergency room with just their PCP co-pay.

In Primary Care We Follow Up Because We Care

Quality to us is all about what happened to you next? Did you feel better? Did treatment work? Did you need anything else? For established patients who prefer traffic busting technology we employ telemedicine (video visits) to talk about test results and plan of care

Experience Primary Care Visit That You Will Love!

If you have moved to the Dupont Circle area recently or are looking for modern primary care accessible 7 days per week, our team at AllCare Family Medicine and Urgent Care is here to serve you. Call the office or use online booking to schedule a consultation today.


Inside AllCare - Dupont Circle

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Ashley Thess

Super quick, friendly, and helpful!

Andrew John

Excellent experience. Dr. Cousins is extremely funny and friendly.

Jeanne Crotty

This is an excellent urgent care center. It is clean, efficient, etc. The staff and doctors are fantastic. I was 9 months pregnant and sick, and Dr. Cousins was so kind, knowledgable, and understanding. She took great care of me and also gave me great options. I'm only going to this clinic from now on.


Doctors and staff were great - wait was only as long as it took me to fill out the new patient paperwork.

Thomas Keating

Dr Cousins was friendly, professional, and assured. The office is brand new and looks sharp. I was very satisfied!


They were very helpful when it came to my insurance issues and patient care. Susan Piotti was AMAZING and well experienced. She made me feel very comfortable. However, I do need to visit again because the other nurse there could not find the vein to draw my blood which has never happened before. Luckily I work in the same building and am pretty patient so it isn’t a big deal. Will definitely be coming here again!

Amanda Molina

Allcare lies nestled between Dupont Circle and Downtown DC. The location is convenient for those who prefer public transit. I chose Allcare for the following reasons: 1) Allcare does not require a $200+ "group/ member" fee outside of an insurance plan. 2) The reviews were few but positive. 3) They accepted my insurance. (One other plus-- they are open on the weekends). With respect to care, I have to genuinely agree that Lindsey Cotten is an exceptional PA and healthcare provider. I have visited twice and felt like she was attentive to my concerns, made me feel comfortable as a patient, and she genuinely cares about the health of her patients. The staff seem to have good rapport among one another. (During the week, they open exactly when they say so don't arrive early unless you want to wait for the doors to open).

Josphine Odeibea

I had a great patient care experience at this facility. From the moment I booked my appointment, to the time I saw the PA, the service was impeccable. The facility is very clean, the staff was friendly. I saw the PA, Lindsey Cotten who was the best! She really listened to my concerns and performed the appropriate tests I needed. She communicated very well with me and made me feel comfortable! My husband and I will be returning here.

Lauren Gorodetsky

Transparent pricing online and in person. Friendly staff and personnel. Very quick treatment. Such a refreshing and positive health care experience.

Keith Padgett

Excellent and professional Allcare. I visited here yesterday for urgent medical help. The staff guided me and are lifesavers i thank you all for the help you gave me. #lifesaver
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