Cervical Cancer

PAP Smear & HPV Testing

PAP Smear (and HPV Testing) every 3 years prevents cervical cancer by detecting it while it is still curable.

Breast Health

Breast Cancer Screening

Routine Mammograms now recommended for all women age 45+


Birth Control & Family Planning

AllCare Family Physicians manage wide range contraception options.

Everyday Female Care

Vaginitis & STD Care

Convenient, Cost Effective testing for bacterial vaginosis / yeast infections & STD testing all from the same swab!

Women's Health by AllCare Primary Care Physicians:

For women who do not require specialized obstetrics gynecological care, AllCare providers can be an ideal all-in-one place to receive both women's preventive and chronic healthcare.

The one-stop-shop model of care helps avoid seeing too many different doctors. Common example is getting your annual wellness check and preventive pap smear done at the same visit. Or polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS) can be followed at AllCare by one doc rather than going to an OB/GYN, an endocrinologist and a dermatologist

Primary Care Doctors Women's Health Scope of Practice

Cervical cancer screening (Pap and HPV testing)

Breast cancer screenings

Vaginal infections

Sexually transmitted infections

Contraception and family planning

Initial evaluation of Menstrual disorders

Menopause Management

Urinary tract infections

Polycystic ovaries


From simple checkup to specialized´╗┐ care, AllCare Primary Care consultation is a good place to start!


Virtual Care & COVID-19 Testing